Special Operations Security Group established the Aboriginal Security Division to provide businesses and energy companies with a specialized security service that is owned, managed and staffed by Aboriginal security professionals.  We are dedicated to providing training, employment and career development opportunities to Alberta's First Nations communities. 

The Aboriginal Security Division provides an integrated approach to security that incorporates modern security techniques and equipment with the traditional values and local knowledge of Alberta's First Nations.


A vast majority of lumber, energy, mining, and pipeline projects in Alberta are on or near Traditional or Treaty lands.  These lands are of great significance not only to First Nations, but to all Albertans. First Nations have cared for and preserved these lands for generations, and we believe that it is our First Nations peoples who are best qualified and equipped to carry on the task of protecting and caring for Alberta's greatest natural resources.   Our Aboriginal security specialists work together with Alberta's energy companies, community stakeholders and local law enforcement to ensure that our security services are delivered in a manner that meets the needs of our client without negatively impacting the community and the environment. 

Our integrated security model affords the Aboriginal Security Division access to all of the frontline security support and investigative resources that Special Operations Security Group has to offer - everything is connected, including our team.


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