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Special Operations Security Group Calgar



Special Operations Security Group provides effective construction site security guard services in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and across Canada.  


Our affordable construction site security guard and patrol services help reduce the costly physical and financial losses that are caused by crime and safety hazards.

Access Control

SOSG security guards will control access to your construction site.

We will maintain an accurate log of all employees, contractors and guests who enter and leave the project site.

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Security Patrols

We provide designated security patrol services to protect construction sites and industrial project sites.  SOSG patrol officers will provide continuous vehicle and foot patrols of your site.

Site Security 

Our construction security guards are reliable, professional and experienced.  SOSG construction security guards will diligently protect your site and provide a high-visibility security presence.

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Effective and affordable project security solutions.


Special Operations Security Group is a leading provider of construction site security guard services in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Vancouver and throughout western Canada.  We provide affordable and effective construction security solutions that will reduce the costly losses that are caused by trespassers and criminals.  Our security guards are experienced, reliable and professional. 


The number of crimes perpitrated against construction projects and industrial sites have increased substantially in Alberta. Incidences of theft, vandalism, arson and sabotage are causing developers and construction companies to incur serious physical and financial losses as well as costly delays.  These losses can be prevented by implementing a comprehensive site security program.

There is no substitute for manned guarding services that are performed by highly qualified and experienced site security guards.  Spec Ops Guards are capable of safeguarding your assets.


The majority of crimes committed at construction sites and industrial properties occur at night and perpetrators use stolen vehicles to gain access to the property while concealing their faces with hoodies, toques or baseball caps.  This renders CCTV security systems useless as they do nothing to prevent or deter crime - they just watch it happen.  


Today's criminals are not deterred by locks, fences, cameras or even the use of random, mobile security patrols.  These methods offer little more than an additional operational expense and a false sense of security.  The most effective means of protecting your project site is to utilize an on-site, professional security guard to keep watch, provide access control and perform frequent patrols. 


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