Special Operations Security Group provides professional pipeline security and risk management solutions to protect Alberta's pipelines and energy resource facilities.


We offer multiple levels of security and response services that are catered to meet your unique operational requirements, regardless of the size or scope of your project.      

Access Control

We deliver access control and gate security services to ensure the safety and security of your pipeline access roads, facilities, personnel and key assets.  

Facility Security

Special Operations Security Group provides high profile and standard site security guard services to safeguard pipeline facilities and assets in Alberta.

Yard Security

SOSG offers effective and affordable site security guard solutions to protect pipeline fabrication yards, stockpile yards and storage facilities. 

Patrol Services

Spec Ops Security provides pipeline security patrols, sensor placement/removal, alarm response, traffic enforcement and road closure services.


Local Expertise & Traditional Values

Pipeline Security &

Risk Management Services

At Spec Ops Security we understand that on-going security risk assessments are critical to ensuring the success of a comprehensive security program.  We support our physical security deployments with continuous, intelligence-led risk assessments throughout the life of the project.  In addition to providing you with a first line of defense to safeguard your operations and key assets, we employ real-time strategies to quickly identify security risks and mitigate your exposure to potential threats. 


Special Operations Security Group offers a unique, multi-tiered approach to our security offerings.  Pipelines encounter varied degrees of risk that are affected by geographical location, political and economic climates and community impact.

At SOSG we can provide fluid security services that meet the ever-changing challenges faced by energy pipeline projects.  


We offer basic security services that are designed for low-risk environments, intermediate security for moderate risk areas, and advanced security services that are delivered by our Critical Incident Response Team to resolve high risk/threat environments.  Regardless of the level of security you require, SOSG is fully capable of protecting your assets.


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