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Spec Ops Security Canada

Special Operations Security Group Ltd. is a Canadian owned security and investigation agency that is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. We are a leading provider of professional security guard, mobile patrol, executive protection, retail loss prevention and private investigation services.  Our security, close protection and private investigation services are available in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Vancouver, Toronto and across Canada.  




Spec Ops Security was established by some of the nation's most respected law enforcement, military and corporate security experts to offer the industry a more professional protection and investigations alternative; capable of coping with today's ever-changing security climate.  We deliver effective security, risk management and investigative solutions that are designed to mitigate risk and reduce the costly, physical and financial losses that are caused by crime.




Spec Ops Security is a private Canadian company that is owned, managed and staffed by experienced Canadian law enforcement and military specialists who have held federal secret and top secret security clearances. Our experience, specialized training and expertise is unrivalled in the industry and our personnel are professional, honest, reliable and highly qualified. When it comes to protecting your business, property, assets, personnel and clients, don't trust an amateur. You can rely upon the expertise of Canada's top security experts at Spec Ops Security Canada.


We have developed a unique services model that allows our clients to choose the level of protection that suits their unique security requirements and budget. Regardless of the location, complexity or size of your project, we are capable of delivering customized and effective solutions to resolve any security challenge.



Spec Ops Security is managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced law enforcement professionals.  Our managers have extensive specialized training and service with law enforcement and military agencies. We provide a level of expertise and professionalism that is unrivalled in the private security industry.  

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Spec Ops Security Canada Shane Loxterkamp.jpg

Shane Loxterkamp

Shane served with the Edmonton Police Service for 25 years and completed his career as A/Superintendent - Downtown Division. Throughout his policing career, Shane attained extensive operational command experience, serving as both duty commander and watch commander where he was responsible for managing police operations and major incidents throughout the City of Edmonton. While at EPS, Shane was the commanding officer and supervisor of several specialized units at the rank of Inspector; including commercial crime, cybercrime, robbery and major crimes.


As a member of the Tactical Unit, Shane held the role of Tactical Team Leader in addition to being a Master Control Tactics and Weapons Instructor.  He also served as an executive protection instructor for several police and government agencies. Shane is our GM and a key supervising member of our close protection, energy security and investigations divisions in Western Canada.

Spec Ops Security Al Dubuc.jpg
Spec Ops Security Al Dubuc range.jpg

Al Dubuc

Al joined the British Royal Marines in 2007 and after completing 32 weeks of intense training, he successfully completed the prestigious Commando Course.  He served as a Royal Marines Commando for eight years and deployed on multiple combat tours to Afghanistan with a combat quick reaction unit. While assigned to the special operations unit, Al was tasked with mounting multiple high-risk, close-quarters combat offensives against Taliban strongholds. He was later awarded the Operational Service Medal, Afghanistan.


After leaving the military, Al successfully completed specialized hostile-environment and domestic operations training as a Close Protection Agent with Ronin, South Africa. He worked on numerous Executive Protection details for high net-worth individuals in London and abroad before moving into a specialist maritime security role. As a tactical specialist, Al safely escorted dozens of commercial shipping vessels through pirate-infested waters off the coast of Somalia in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean.


Al serves as Close Protection Specialist Unit Leader and Tactical Medic for Spec Ops Security where he is tasked with serving our clients locally and internationally. As a licensed Paramedic/Firefighter he is currently pursuing enhanced education in Advanced Life Support.  He is available for operational and tactical training assignments.

Dan Powers Spec Ops Security.jpg
Dan Powers RCMP Spec Ops.jpg

Dan Powers

Dan Powers served with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for more than 30 years where he spent the majority of his career working in specialized units and retired at the rank of Sergeant in the Major Crimes Unit.

He served as a Detachment Commander and also worked as an Investigator in the General Investigations Section and the Internal Affairs Unit.  Dan has extensive training and experience investigating homicides, sexual assaults, robberies and commercial crimes, was an RCMP Instructor for the Interview and Interrogation course, received certification as a Team Commander in Major Case Management as well as Basic and Advanced Surveillance. 


After receiving specialized bodyguard, advanced driver and motorcade training, he was assigned as a key member of the Prime Minister's Protection Unit for over ten years where he provided personal protection for the Prime Minister of Canada, Prince Harry, Prince William, Princess Kate, Prince Edward and the Governor General.

Dan is the Manager of our Investigations Division and serves as a supervisor in the close protection unit.  He is also a subject matter expert and instructor who provides specialized training, corporate security core program design and consulting services for corporate, government and law enforcement clients. 

Joe Barton Spec Ops Security.jpg
Joe Barton Security Manager.jpg

Joe Barton

Joe has served with the Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP, Calgary Police Service and the Alberta Sheriffs. As a regular member of CAF he was deployed to peace keeping initiatives in Syria and Israel in addition to serving in combat roles throughout the Middle East. He worked as a protection unit member and specialist driver in high-threat environments, protecting Members of Parliament, Dignitaries and Military VIP's. Joe continues his 22 years of CAF service as a Captain with the 3016 Calgary Highlanders (reserves).   


After leaving regular military service, Joe embarked on a law enforcement career where he first joined the Alberta Sheriff's Branch and served in the Protective Services Division and as a driving instructor. He later joined the RCMP where he worked in general duty policing for two years before moving over to the Calgary Police Service. Joe served with CPS in various frontline, investigative and training instructor capacities for nine years before leaving law enforcement to pursue opportunities in the private security sector.   


Joe has a Bachelor's Degree in Business, Emergency Services and is a Master Police Driving Instructor with additional qualifications in anti-terrorism, counter terrorism, tactical, precision, PIT, close protection, EVOC and undercover driving instructor certifications.  He has obtained instructor training and experience with the FBI, Michigan State Police, Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP, CPS and Alberta Sheriff's Branch.

Joe serves as a Security Manager, Close Protection Specialist and Driving Instructor with Spec Ops Security.

Blake Prince Spec Ops Canada.jpg
Blake Prince Spec Ops Security

Blake Prince

Blake was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces for 15 years where he served in the Reconnaissance Platoon, Parachute Company and then completed his service as a Sniper Detachment Commander. During his service with the Canadian military and as a private contractor, Blake obtained extensive combat experience during his numerous deployments to Afghanistan. He also served as a Close Protection Agent, ensuring the safety and security of CAF Generals and Diplomats in high-threat environments. 


After leaving the military, he served as a Peace Officer with the Government of Alberta and later entered the private security sector as an expert security consultant and specialist instructor. Blake is a certified firearms, special tactics, sniper, first aid and combat medical instructor. With a masters degree in Emergency & Disaster Management and a diploma in Occupational Health and Safety, he is currently pursuing his CRSP designation.

Blake is an Energy Security Unit Manager, Surveillance Investigator and Close Protection Specialist with Spec Ops Security. He is available for both operational assignments and instructional projects.

Derrick R.jpg
Spec Ops Security Canada Derrick R.jpg

Derrick Rossler

Derrick served with the Calgary Police Service for 25 years and completed his career as a Detective Sergeant in the Homicide Unit.  Most of his career was spent working in the Major Crimes Bureau, the Guns and Gangs Unit, Gang Suppression, Surveillance and in the Homicide division. 


He obtained extensive experience dealing with high-risk and tactical scenarios, as well being a skilled manager who supervised teams of investigators to resolve complex cases. He worked on national and international joint task forces and was given commendations for life saving, valour, distinguished service and marksmanship. Additionally, Derrick is a qualified close protection specialist who was assigned to the Alberta Premier's protection detail.  He also served as a specialist unit instructor with CPS and the Criminal Intelligence Service of Alberta.

Derrick works as a Close Protection Specialist, Private Investigator and as a member of the Energy Security Unit for Spec Ops Security in Western Canada.

He is available for operational or instructor assignments, corporate security program development and CPTED.

ian hope spec ops security.jpg
Spec Ops Security Canada Ian Hope_.jpg

Ian Hope

Ian Hope has more than 30 years combined law enforcement and military experience.


After serving with the British Navy, Ian joined the Hampshire Police (Constabulary) where he worked as a police officer for 19 years. Ian served in anti-terrorism, tactical services, incident management and as a serious crimes investigator before immigrating to Canada from the UK.


When he moved to Alberta, Ian spent 3 years as a team lead for the Government of Alberta Special Investigations Unit.  Ian later joined Calgary Transit Public Safety as a sworn Peace Officer. There, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, serving as a squad supervisor, recruit trainer and control tactics instructor before pursuing an opportunity to work as a Peace Officer with the Town of Cochrane.


Ian works as a Manager in the Spec Ops Security Guard Security Division and as a member of our Close Protection Unit.

Special Operations Security Group Calgar

Special Operations Security Group is the only security company in Canada that is owned, managed and staffed by experienced law enforcement and military specialists. We offer a broad range of professional security guard, risk management, investigation and protection services in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto and across Canada.  

Our site security guard and mobile security patrol services mitigate the costly physical and financial losses that are caused by crime.  We offer affordable, customized security and investigative solutions that manage risk in a way that is proportionate, relevant and that meets our client's specific needs.


Construction SIte Security Patrols Calgary

Construction SIte Security Patrols Calgary

Construction Security Guard Services Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge

Security Patrol Services Alberta

Security Patrol Services Alberta

Mobile Security Patrols Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Vancouver

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Site Security

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Retail Security

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Property Security Guards

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Condominium Security

Apartment Building Security Guard Services Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver

Office Building Security

Office Building Security

Office Building Security Guard Services in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Grande Prairie, Medicine Hat, Fort McMurray and Red Deer, Alberta.

Energy Site Security

Energy Site Security

Oil & Gas Security Guards Alberta, British Columbia. Canadian Energy Security Guard Services.

Pipeline Security Services

Pipeline Security Services

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Industrial Security

Industrial Security

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Concierge Security Services

Concierge Security Services

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Tactical Security Services

Tactical Security Services

Crowd Management Security, Strike, Protest and Emergency Response Security Guard Services Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta, British Columbia.

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