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Law Enforcement Experienced Investigators

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SOSG offers professional and discreet surveillance services to investigate your suspicions and to obtain irrefutable video evidence.


Our surveillance specialists have law enforcement investigative experience combined with specialized surveillance training. 


Regardless of the size or type of business you operate, if you have employees, statistics show that they are likely stealing from you.


SOSG Investigations can help protect you from the costly losses that are caused by employee theft, fraud and dishonesty. 


At SOSG we understand that it is often uncertainty and not knowing that can be the worst aspect of infidelity in a relationship.

Our infidelity investigations can help to set your mind at ease or  to obtain the proof you need to confront your cheating spouse.


Fraudulent insurance claims cost Canadian insurers over $3 billion annually; hardly a victimless crime. Fraud increases everyone's rates.

SOSG has a team of experienced investigators who are dedicated to helping insurers identify and resolve fraudulent claims. 


Special Operations Security Group is one of the leading Private Investigations Agencies in Canada.

We have earned a reputation for discretion, professionalism, reliability and above all, effectiveness.


As a client of Spec Ops Private Investigators, you will receive direct access to some of the most skilled and resourceful Private Investigators in the country.  


We offer professional investigation and surveillance services to support insurance companies, claims adjusting agencies, law firms, government insurers, WCB, retail businesses, corporations, as well as Provincial and Federal government agencies.   


Regardless of the size or complexity of your case, your file will be handled by an experienced and dedicated SOSG Investigator.  Our team of licensed private investigators will work closely with you to achieve the results you require, at a cost that you can afford.  We offer a variety of cost-effective investigation services for you to choose from.


Special Operations Security Group offers professional covert surveillance services to support insurance claims, wcb loss claims, civil, corporate, criminal and relationship infidelity investigations. 

We use state of the art surveillance equipment and modern tactics to obtain irrefutable evidence.  Our licensed investigators have extensive law enforcement surveillance experience and specialized training. 

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