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Mobile security patrols are an effective addition to a comprehensive security program for businesses who have multiple properties or large geographical areas that require security coverage.  It is important to understand that random mobile patrols alone DO NOT offer a deterrence to crime or vagrancy and provide little to no return on your security investment.


Full-time, designated security patrols or mobile patrols in combination with on-site security guards provide the best line of defence against criminal threats. Spec Ops Security offers a broad range of professional mobile patrol and emergency response services that can be catered to meet your specific needs.

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Pipeline Security 

Spec Ops Security Canada provides professional site security guards and concierge security officers to safeguard condominiums of any size.

Alberta Pipeline Security Guards

Industrial Security

We conduct thorough patrols of your project site to protect your assets and to ensure a safe and secure working environment for your team.

Pipeline Security Patrols British Columb

Remote Security Patrols 

Our 4x4 security vehicles are capable of providing effective security patrols and emergency response services in any type of weather or environment.

Commercial Property Security Edmonton

Commercial Property 

Spec Ops Security provides 24 hour site security guards and patrol services. We are on-duty, working hard to protect your property 24/7.  

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Construction Security 

Spec Ops Security Canada offers high-profile construction site security guard and patrol services to safeguard your project and assets.

Security Guard Services Calgary - Spec O

Residential Security

High-profile security patrols of residential properties and parking lots can dramatically reduce vagrancy,  trespassing and property crimes.  

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Spec Ops Security, we specialize in providing top-tier, affordable and effective mobile security patrols and emergency response services that reduce crime and offer our clients with a measurable return on their security investment.

Although most security companies offer random drive-by patrols that have been proven to offer businesses with very little to no protection, our mobile security patrol and emergency response services are intelligence-led and provide a high-visibility security presence to deter crime.  We utilize modern policing strategies combined with real-time communication and risk assessments to deliver the most effective security patrol and response services in Canada.  


Spec Ops Security provides "hands-on" and responsive services, which means that we do not simply observe and report.  Our patrol officers have extensive law enforcement and/or military experience combined with the specialized training and expertise needed to respond to incidents and take immediate and appropriate action to protect people and property.

We utilize professionally marked Ford Police Interceptor or Chevy Tahoe PPV (police pursuit vehicle) patrol units in order to provide a strong security presence while being able to offer patrols in any environment.  We provide security patrols and emergency response services for pipelines, industrial facilities, remote project sites, transportation, rail and shipping yards, factories, retail shopping centres, residential communities, hotels, construction sites, remote work camps, fabrication yards, parking facilities and commercial properties.

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