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calgary security guard company


Highly-trained Canadian police and military experienced security officers who are professional, reliable and fully committed to protecting your business, property, personnel and key assets 


Our guards undergo stringent background checks and many hold top secret security clearances. We are trusted by some of the nation's top corporations, builders, energy and property management firms


We understand that each business faces unique security risks and that many have limited resources to pay for private protection. Our services can be catered to meet your specific needs and budget


Why hire a security company that doesn't actually protect you? Our security services are proactive, effective and capable of resolving any security challenge. We will respond to threats and deter crime


We are a leading provider of top-tier, professional security guard and mobile patrol services. Our industry-leading security solutions are catered to meet your specific needs and budget; while reducing crime, improving upon safety and offering you a measurable return on your security investment.

Spec Ops Security Canada bridges the gap between public policing and private security. Our security team consists of experienced police officers, military personnel and peace officers who provide a level of expertise, protection and service that is unmatched by any other security company.

Why Hire Security?

Businesses frequently hire us to provide professional, proactive and dedicated protection services. No business wants to become a victim of crime; it disrupts your daily operations, damages your reputation, causes physical and financial losses and places your customers, tenants and employees at risk. Deploying our professional security guards on your site can restore order, protect your assets and reduce the costly losses caused by theft, arson, vandalism, 

sabotage, extortion and vagrancy. Our guards are fully committed to protecting your business.

Value-Added Services

In today's challenging economic climate we recognize that businesses are not only impacted by increased operating costs, but also by the costly losses caused by crime. At Spec Ops Security Canada, we continuously strive to find ways to reduce crime and losses for our clients. In addition to providing exceptional security, we offer a range of value-added services to help save our clients time and money. Whether it involves providing concierge services, managing parking or assisting with daily operational tasks, our guards will go above and beyond to help!

Crime Prevention

Canada has experienced substantial population growth in recent years that has placed an immense strain on the police and public safety resources. Subsequently, there has been a dramatic increase in violent crimes against persons as well as property crimes. While the police are struggling to keep up with life and death priority calls for service, many businesses are left vulnerable to crime and forced to protect themselves. It is now more important than ever to have an effective security program to protect your employees, tenants, property and assets.

Customized Solutions

Hiring a security company shouldn't be a difficult or stressful experience. We understand that you are busy, so we make the process easy and stress free! Our team of security experts will listen to your unique needs and design a customized, comprehensive security program at a price that you can afford. STEP 1: Tell us about your security needs; STEP 2: Choose the level of security you want; STEP 3: Assign a security budget. That's all! Our experts will conduct a free site security review and provide you with customized security solutions to fit your budget.

If you’d like more information about our security services, get in touch today.


Our site security guard services are proven to deter crime, reduce losses and promote safer communities and workplaces


At Spec Ops Security Canada we provide professional security guard and patrol services that are catered to meet the unique needs of each individual client. We understand that your business requires bespoke security options that fit within your budget constraints and that will provide you with a measurable return on your security investment.


Our simplified approach allows you to set your budget and choose the level of security that's right for you in three easy steps.


We provide effective and affordable solutions that are capable of resolving any security challenge. It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. 



Hiring security to protect your business is easy. Just tell us about your specific security needs and objectives and we will provide you with comprehensive security solutions that are delivered by experienced security guards 



Every business faces unique security challenges and you deserve to choose the level of security that best fits your needs. We offer three levels of security that can be fully customized:



With the continuously increasing risk and rising crime rates in Canada, hiring private security is becoming a necessity. Simply tell us your security budget and we will provide you with customized solutions at an affordable rate


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This level of security offers general security guard services that are delivered by licensed civilians who have completed basic security guard training. LOW SECURITY is most appropriate for businesses who are seeking a basic "night watchman" type of service in an environment where there is very low risk and little to no crime or vagrancy issues. Our service exceeds industry standards and delivers a level of service that is much higher than the "competition" 

k9 security calgary




HIGH SECURITY offers high-profile and specialized security guard services that are delivered by highly-trained and experienced police officers, peace officers or military personnel with specialized training and service in areas such as anti-terrorism, tactical units, special forces etc. These services are most often utilized to protect energy projects, critical infrastructure, government facilities and businesses that experience high crime and risk exposure

security guards in calgary




MEDIUM SECURITY offers proactive security guard services that are delivered by highly-trained and experienced police officers, peace officers, military personnel and professional guards. This level of security is most appropriate for businesses who are seeking a professional security service to protect people, property and assets, to reduce crime and to provide safe and secure environments for their staff, tenants and customers

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BUDGET SECURITY is designed to be an affordable option for businesses who require basic security coverage for insurance purposes and low risk environments. This level of security is delivered by licensed civilian security guards and provides a level of protection and service that is congruent with security industry standards in Canada. It also offers the same level of protection and service that most other security companies provide at their "Elite" level

Industrial Security Calgary.JPG

Industrial Property & Project Site Security Services

High-profile guards and security patrols for industrial properties and project sites to prevent crime, increase security and protect your property  

pipeline security services alberta

Pipeline Security Guards & Security Patrol Services

High-profile security guards, mobile patrols, surveillance and traffic enforcement for pipeline projects to reduce risk and costly losses 

retail security guards calgary

Retail Security Guards &  Loss Prevention Services

Crimes against retail businesses have increased dramatically. Our retail security and loss prevention services will reduce shrink and lower risk    

Construction Site Safety Edmonton.jpg

Construction Site Security Guards & Patrols

Protect your construction sites and development projects from the costly physical and financial losses from theft, arson and extortion 

Event Security Calgary

Special Event & Rodeo Security Services

We provide experienced, trained and professional security guards for major events, rodeos, sporting events, concerts, weddings and funerals  

apartment building security calgary

Condominium & Apartment Security Guards 

 Professional security guards and concierge security staff posted at your condominium or apartment building to protect your tenants and property 

K9 security services calgary_edited.jpg

Canine Security Patrols & Detection Dog Services

Canine security patrols and detection services that are delivered by our police experienced K9 handlers and  certified, professional service dogs 

Concierge Security Services Calgary

Concierge Security & Front of House Services

Our friendly, trained and professional concierge security staff provide your residents with first class customer service and reliable protection

Camp Security Services Alberta

Remote Work Camp Security Guards & Safety Services

Camp security guards, concierge security, mobile patrols and canine detection services for remote work camps and housing projects  

tactical security guards calgary

Strike, Protest & Specialist Security Services

High-profile security guards, K9 units, crowd management and patrols to keep the peace, restore order and protect persons and property.  

Mobile Patrols Edmonton.jpg

Mobile Security Patrols & Response Services

Mobile security patrols, emergency response and traffic enforcement services to protect your property, reduce crime and increase safety

Security guards calgary

Commercial Property & Office Building Security 

The presence of an on-site security guard or concierge security officer at your commercial property reduces crime and promotes public safety

Energy Pipeline Security Guards Calgary.jpg

Energy & Mining Project Site Security Guards

Spec Ops Security provides professional security guards and patrol services to safeguard project assets, protect infrastructure and deter crime   

hotel security guard services calgary.jpg

Hotel & Resort Security Guard Services

Our hotel security guards conduct thorough patrols of your property to ensure a safe and secure environment for your employees and guests

constructions site security cameras calgary

Security Surveillance Cameras & Monitoring 

Fixed and portable security cameras and surveillance platforms that are equipped with advanced technology and remote live monitoring services   

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