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Executive Protection Services

Special Operations Security Group Ltd.



SOSG offers professional and discreet executive protection services in Canada and abroad.


We provide effective and comprehensive executive security solutions that are supported by our global resources and real-time intelligence network.



Our executive drivers have law enforcement / military experience as well as executive protection specialist and driver training. 

We can be relied upon to safely transport executives, celebrities, VIP's or valuables anywhere in Canada, the US or internationally.



We specialize in delivering effective and reliable protection services to safeguard celebrities, politicians and film/TV locations.

Our celebrity security specialists are capable of identifying risks and discreetly resolving security threats in any environment.



SOSG provides discreet and professional residential security services to safeguard the families and homes of our VIP clientele.

We offer comprehensive security and surveillance services to ensure the personal safety of your family and the protection your home.  

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Special Operations Security Group is a leading provider of professional executive security and close protection services in Canada.  Our head office is located in Calgary, Alberta and we offer executive protection, family security, celebrity bodyguards and executive transportation services in Calgary, Edmonton, Banff, Fort McMurray, Vancouver and across Canada.


We provide comprehensive security solutions that are delivered by experienced and highly-trained executive protection specialists.  Our protection teams are comprised of some of the world's top security experts who represent a diverse, multi-dimensional integration of specialized law enforcement, military, intelligence and corporate security experience.    




Special Operations Security Group provides professional and effective executive protection services to ensure the safety of our clients.  Unlike our competitors, we will not send you an inexperienced security guard dressed in a suit.  Our specialists are highly-qualified, physically fit and have extensive Canadian law enforcement or military service combined with specialized training and close protection experience.


Our executive and celebrity protection services are provided with absolute discretion and complete respect for your privacy.  We protect more than just people, property and assets; we also work hard to protect your privacy, personal interests and reputation.  You will never have to worry about SOSG posting your identity, personal information or photos anywhere, let alone on our website.



At Special Operations Security Group we understand that having to utilize close protection specialists can sometimes be invasive and frustrating.  Our modern protection methods are adaptable to meet your personal needs.  We employ a comprehensive security program that is designed to offer you maximized freedom and privacy without compromising your safety.



Special Operations Security Group offers covert surveillance services to support criminal, civil and insurance claim investigations for our corporate clients.

 The SOSG Special Investigations Unit (S.I.U.) provides specialized surveillance services to support government, military and law enforcement clients.


Our surveillance specialists are former law enforcement officers and military operatives who have proven, real world surveillance experience handling criminal and domestic cases in challenging environments.   



SOSG provides reliable, secure transportation and professional executive protection driver services to ensure that you travel in complete comfort and safety.


We transport VIP's safely to and from their destinations anywhere in Canada or internationally.  Our licensed and highly trained executive protection specialists  have extensive law enforcement/military experience.


SOSG also offers secure transportation and escorts of assets and documents.  We can provide safe transportation for your employees and management during labour disputes, protests or major events.  




SOSG delivers effective close protection services for celebrities, musicians, media, athletes and politicians.  Additionally, we offer security solutions for Film/TV set locations, celebrity appearances and media events.

We provide protection services that are adaptable to suit your ever-changing schedule and security needs.

Our modern methods afford our clients maximized freedom and privacy without compromising safety.

Public personalities face unique security challenges, fluctuating threat levels and continuous infringements on their personal privacy.  Our Specialists work hard to ensure your safety and security in any environment.



SOSG offers designated residential security services to safeguard executives, celebrities, high-net worth individuals, politicians, dignitaries and their families. 

We provide affordable and effective security services to protect you and your family at your residence, vacation destination or corporate properties.

Our services are intelligence-led and scalable to meet the unique needs of our clientele.  SOSG security specialists continuously assess risks and provide effective security solutions in real-time that are effective, relevant and appropriate to the situation.



We provide close protection and private security services to ensure the personal safety of ordinary, every-day people and their families.

Our flexible approach and customized services model allows us to meet the unique and specific needs of our diverse clientele.  We understand that in today's challenging security climate, you may require personal security for business, travel or at special events.


Our close protection specialists provide discreet and professional services to protect you and your family  locally, or we can accompany you as you travel. 

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At Spec Ops Security Canada, we provide our clients with top-tier secure transportation options that are intelligence-led and based upon the rigorous standards used by the US Secret Service.  We utilize modern law enforcement and military techniques to optimize efficiency and maximize security.


Trained, Experienced, Professional

In today's ever-changing security environment, it is more important than ever for high-profile executives and celebrities to hire qualified and experienced security drivers and protection specialists.  Your safety and security should not be entrusted to a limo driver or a civilian guard who can only take you from point A to B.  


At Spec Ops Security Canada, we deploy law enforcement and/or military experienced agents and drivers who have the specialized training required to make critical decisions and take appropriate action in the event of a threat or crisis situation.  Our team members continuously assess, adapt and mitigate risk while collaborating with our real-time operations centre, our client's in-house security and intelligence teams as well as relevant law enforcement agencies (as required).

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Luxury, Security, Performance


The majority of our competitors utilize rental SUV's, which are often unclean, mechanically unreliable and less than ideal for close protection work. Rental SUV's can be very unsafe in emergency situations, have sluggish acceleration, handle poorly and are usually dirty and not maintained.  This is exacerbated when they are driven by unqualified personnel who do not have any specialized driving or close protection training.

Spec Ops Security Canada purchases new, fully-loaded BMW X5M Competition, Mercedes Benz AMG G63 and GMC Yukon AT4 SUV's that combine luxury, comfort and privacy with superior performance, handling and reliability. 

Our luxury security vehicles are specially equipped with everything needed to ensure your safety and comfort.  For our celebrity, sports and executive client's who wish to attend an awards ceremony, wedding or special event in style, we offer our brand-new, Lamborghini Huracan EVO.  


*Vehicles are available for an additional charge when booking the services of our executive protection specialists and/or drivers. These vehicles are NOT available for private rental and may not be driven by anyone other than authorized Spec Ops Security personnel.  

In addition to our stringent cleaning protocols, we are taking extra measures to protect our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our drivers and close protection personnel are screened prior to each shift and our vehicles are completely sanitized after each use.  Our international clients must provide a negative Covid test or proof of adhering to the current federal quarantine measures upon arrival to Canada prior to a booking. Complimentary masks and hand sanitizers are provided.


Flexibility, Freedom, Privacy

At Spec Ops Security Canada, we recognize that our client's have unique needs, preferences and security challenges.  We offer an adaptive approach to security that allows our diverse clientele to select the appropriate level of security that fits their evolving requirements and needs. Whether a client chooses to drive themselves in their personal or company vehicle, hire a limo, obtain a rental vehicle or utilize one of our fleet SUV's, we will adapt our methods accordingly to ensure optimal protection.  Our protection specialists can easily make changes on-the-go to accommodate even the most unpredictable schedules.

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Spec Ops Security Jeep Rubicon


Ski, Hike, Explore

All work and no play can make for a very dull trip.  We recognize that many of our clients seek a healthy work-life balance and are interested in enjoying some recreation time while they are away from their work environment.  Whether it's a night out of fine dining, going to the theatre or touring the Canadian Rockies, our AWD BMW's or the off-road and luxury capabilities of our Mercedes-Benz G63 will take you wherever you want to go.  For clients who choose to enjoy a casual day of hiking, skiing or exploring Alberta's parks on a road less traveled, we offer fully-equipped 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon or Sahara vehicles. Our 4x4 Jeeps are fully-loaded and modified for off-road excursions.  

Please browse the images below and click on a photo to learn more about our executive and recreational vehicles.  *Armoured vehicles and special protection features are not depicted for security reasons. All Vehicles are designated as non-smoking.