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Welcome to our FAQ page. Here, you will find answers to many of the most commonly asked questions about our services and the private security industry.

  • EMPLOYMENT: What experience and qualifications do I require to apply for a job at Spec Ops Security?
    All applications are accepted by invitation only; either through direct contact from us or via a job posting service. We do not respond to walk-ins, phone calls, emails or contact form employment solicitations. Each position will have different requirements that are based upon the role and responsibilities of the job. However; listed below are some of the MINIMUM requirements to apply: - Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Resident Status - No Criminal Record or Outstanding Charges (in any country or jurisdiction) - No Criminal Affiliations (past, present, directly or indirectly) - Valid Class 5 (or higher) Driver's License - Valid Security and/or Private Investigator's License (in the Province of Employment) - Physically Fit (able to pass a PARE or COPAT test) - Fluent English (written and spoken) - Ability to pass a pre-employment written exam - Must be able to pass a pre-employment security clearance and background investigation Applicants who are applying for any position other than the LOW or BARGAIN SECURITY vacancies must have the following: - Police, Sheriff, Peace Officer, Military, Fire or Paramedic experience (reserve/volunteer experience not accepted) *Relevant security experience with a professional security department will be considered. Examples of acceptable security experience: West Edmonton Mall Security, University Campus Security, AHS Protective Services - many positions require applicants to obtain federal secret security clearances. Specialist Security, Executive Protection (bodyguards), Private Investigation, Intelligence and Energy Security positions require the above listed minimum requirements AND no less than 5 years of full-time police or military regular member service (Canada, USA or UK) combined with training and experience in specialized units. Examples: SPECIALIST SECURITY - RCMP or City Police ERT/Tactical Units, K9, STO, Crowd Management EXECUTIVE PROTECTION - RCMP Prime Minister's or Sheriff Premier's Protection Units, Secret Service PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR - Police or Alberta Sheriff Experience in a specialized unit (major crimes, guns and gangs, homicide, commercial crimes, surveillance, scan, assist, fasst) combined with CISA, RCMP or ALERT basic and advanced surveillance training and certification, interviewing and interrogation and other related courses.
  • EXPERIENCE: What's the difference between your police experienced staff and other security companies?
    There is a substantial difference between SPEC OPS SECURITY CANADA and other security and investigation agencies in Canada. Hiring us vs a competitor is best explained by comparing a Mechanic to an Oil Change Technician, a Doctor to a First Aider, an Airline Pilot to a Flight Attendant or even a Chef to a Fast Food Cook. We are the only security company in Canada that is owned, managed and staffed by experienced and highly trained (specialized) Canadian law enforcement officers and military personnel. We are a 100% Canadian owned and operated company Unblemished record with regulatory bodies (security services and investigators act), labour boards and the WCB. Nor have any members of our team been charged/convicted of a crime (on or off duty) Our employees are all local and part of your community Specialized police and military experienced team that can resolve any security challenge Substantial crime and risk reduction when our team is deployed in a community or at a business Spec Ops Security will reduce your exposure to losses/lawsuits, unprofessional conduct, unlawful arrests and excessive use of force that are highly prevalent with most other security companies in Canada Expert witnesses, subject matter experts, proper evidence management and court testimony Highly qualified, professional, reliable and dedicated staff Global resources and law enforcement/military liaisons Specialist security, close protection and investigation services available anytime, anywhere Customized solutions that are both effective and affordable
  • CAMERAS: Do you sell or rent security cameras?
    Yes. We can provide fixed or portable cameras and surveillance platforms to protect your business or project site regardless of the location, size or scope of your operation. Partnered with some of the top surveillance and camera companies in the world, we can provide you with the latest technology to safeguard your assets and personnel. Surveillance cameras are a valuable asset when added to a comprehensive security program that includes mobile patrols, site-security guards and physical security measures such as alarm systems and locks. Live monitoring can also provide additional levels of protection when handled by a reputable and professional monitoring company. Contact us today for more information.
  • CLIENTS: Do you work for private citizens and can anyone hire you?
    WHO WE WORK FOR: We provide a broad range or security guard, mobile security patrols, emergency response, executive/celebrity protection, surveillance and private investigation services across Canada. Our services are primarily delivered to corporations, property management companies, government, energy companies, law firms, celebrities and high-net-worth individuals. However; we will review each services request on an individual basis and strive to accommodate your needs. WHO WE WILL NOT WORK FOR: We do not work for anyone who is involved in organized crime or engaged in criminal enterprise, a criminal lifestyle (past or present), or who is involved/affiliated with any terrorist groups, or any government, organization or entity that is a known enemy of Canada.
  • BOOKING MINIMUM: Is there a minimum number of hours you will work and how soon can you deploy?
    The minimum number of hours we will accept for a booking is 8 hours. We only employ professional security and investigation personnel and as a result, our services are in very high demand; whereby our team members are always scheduled to work full-time shift hours each day. We are often able to deploy security staff, investigators or bodyguards with minimal notice on the same day. However; more complex assignments that involve deployment to remote locations, numerous personnel or extensive pre-planning are best booked with at least two weeks advance notice. It is our objective to send our clients well qualified personnel that are a good fit for their business and/or project and who plan to work for them for the duration of the contract.
    The short answer is our EXPERTISE. We are hired by discerning clients who are searching for the most qualified and experienced security, protection and investigation experts in the country. Spec Ops Security is a 100% Canadian company that is owned, managed and staffed by experienced former Canadian law enforcement and military personnel. We offer a level of professionalism and expertise that is unrivalled in the private security industry. Most of us have been born and raised in Canada and have spent our entire careers protecting the communities and citizens of this nation. When you hire us, you are providing employment for local workers and citizens while supporting our Canadian economy. Our owners, managers and staff have undergone very involved background checks and hold (or have held) federal secret or top secret security clearances. And not one single person in our entire history has ever been convicted of a crime, nor have we ever breached any provisions of the security and investigators act, employment standards, or occupational health and safety regs. We have an unblemished record and intend to keep it that way!
  • What are the different types of security services that you provide?
  • How much does it cost to hire security?
    Each business faces unique security challenges and it is our objective to provide the best security in the industry at affordable rates. Simply provide us with some information about your business and/or project, what your security objectives are and how much you have budgeted for the security. We can conduct a complimentary site visit and security risk evaluation to offer you a detailed quote to suit your needs and budget.
  • What qualifications do your security guards possess?
    At Spec Ops Security, we only hire licensed, experienced and professional security guards. Our guards are reliable, trustworthy, hardworking and fully dedicated to protecting our client's property, assets, customers and staff. Each guard undergoes a stringent recruitment process that includes thorough background checks, employment screening, multi-level interview stages, competency tests and training verification. All guards are physically fit, speak fluent English and are professional in both conduct and appearance. Experience and training is based upon the level of security and guard that you choose to hire, however; the vast majority of our security team members have previous law enforcement and/or military experience and training. Our basic level guards have first aid/aed/cpr certification, WHMIS, construction safety, pipeline safety, conflict deescalation, effective communication, fire watch, legal authorities, arrest control tactics, report writing, note taking and customer service training as a minimum.
  • What cities and locations do you service?
    We provide security services anywhere in Canada. Our head office is located in Calgary, Alberta and we have regional and central offices in most major cities that enables us the ability to provide quick response and dedicated services anywhere; including remote camps and energy project sites.
  • Do you require a signed contract to provide your services?
    Yes. A contract is mandatory to engage our services and we will not send out security personnel to a project until a contract has been signed and authorized. Why? In Canada, a private security guard only has authority under section 494 (2) of the criminal code to protect property that is not owned by the guard. A client must grant our company and our agents (staff) authority to act as their owner-agents in order to safeguard their property and all assets and persons affiliated with the property. Even the police who have authority under section 494 ccc have an "AGENT" program where property owners sign over agent status to allow their officers access to the property without a warrant. A contract also covers many other legalities to protect both the client and our business in the unlikely event of a disagreement and it is relied upon by the courts, as well as the provincial security services and investigators act regulators. Any reputable and professional security company will require you to sign a contract.
  • What are the different levels of security that you offer?
    While the majority of security companies only offer one level of security and "off the menu rates", we understand that each business faces unique security challenges and some may find security to be cost prohibitive. As experienced law enforcement professionals, we understand the importance of delivering customized security solutions that are proportionate to your security risks while working hard to deliver effective protection that is within your budget. Our security is designed to reduce the losses caused by crime and vagrancy while providing you a measurable return on your security investment. We offer multiple levels of security to choose from that best fit your needs and budget: BUDGET SECURITY: Our most affordable security option that is best suited for clients with very low crime or minimal security risks, but who require low-cost security to meet insurance requirements. LOW SECURITY: An affordable security service that is best suited for clients with little to no crime or security issues, but who want a security presence or night watchmen type of guard service for peace of mind. MEDIUM SECURITY: This is our most popular service that is preferred by discerning clients who genuinely care about their security program and who want to hire the best security in the industry. This level of security is suited for all risk levels and it provides a professional security presence that effectively reduces crime, protects persons and property and promotes a safe environment for your staff, residents/tenants and customers. HIGH SECURITY: Our highest level of security that is frequently chosen by government, transportation and energy clients to protect critical infrastructure, property managers, retailers and business owners who operate in high crime areas and to respond to labour disputes, civil unrest or to provide security and response to disasters.
  • Do you provide mobile security patrols services?
    Yes. We offer mobile patrol services that are delivered by experienced law enforcement officers and military personnel. Our mobile patrol officers have EVOC (emergency vehicle operators course) training combined with specialized, real-world experience that enables them to respond to and resolve any security challenge or emergency situation. All of our security patrol vehicles are new, professionally marked SUV 4x4's that are capable of patrolling or responding in any environment, regardless of weather or road conditions. Each unit is equipped with emergency lights (removable in accordance with provincial law), search lights, MWS (mobile work station computers), Cameras/GPS, fire suppression equipment, environmental spill kits, medical kits, traffic warning/control equipment and PPE. All mobile patrol services are quoted with rates that are based upon length of contract, type of patrols (designated or sporadic), number of locations you wish to have patrolled and distance between each site as well as the size of the area to be patrolled and the specific duties the officer is required to perform.
  • Are mobile patrols effective and do they prevent crime?
    Mobile patrols, when performed properly by highly-trained, law enforcement experienced security officers, can be a valuable addition to a comprehensive security program. Mobile security patrols are beneficial when combined with other security measures such as on-site guards and professionally monitored cameras. However; the mobile patrol services that are provided by other security companies are ineffective, do not deter crime, nor offer clients a return on their security investment. This is due to many factors including, but not limited to; unqualified and inexperienced patrol guards, companies assigning hundreds of patrols per shift in too large an area (often the entire city and outlying towns) for their guards to rush through or not attend at all due to time constraints, combining alarm response with their assigned patrols, poor tactics and the use of low-end patrol cars that are designed to maximize their profits without offering any type of visible deterrence or security presence. We provide mobile patrol services that reduce crime and are catered to meet the specific needs of our clients. Each patrol officer and unit are designated to a patrol district where they are usually assigned to one client. Often as a supplemental security service or emergency response program to support on-site security guards at large development projects, construction sites, shopping centres, shipping/warehouse facilities, pipelines and energy project sites or to service management companies who have multiple residential and commercial properties. Our patrol services are also offered to condo boards, gated communities, estate communities are rural towns.
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