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provides world-class specialized security and crowd management services for protests, labour strikes, civil unrest, disasters and COVID.  We protect pipelines, energy projects and shipping facilities. CIRT offers international, high-security  property, personnel and infrastructure protection.

Special Operations Security Group CIRT members have law enforcement and / or military experience combined with extensive specialized unit service and training. 


SOSG offers covert surveillance services for protests, strikes, energy sites, VIP security and conflict zone escorts.  


We provide specialized surveillance, counter surveillance and reconnaissance services to protect people and property. 



We provide effective crowd management and facility security services for corporate, energy, government, concert and major event clients.


Our Crowd Management Unit can provide high-level security and access control for strikes, protests, energy sites and major events. 



In today's ever-changing security climate, we understand that serious incidents or security threats can occur without notice.

SOSG's Critical Incident Response Teams can send you emergency security, medical logistics and tactical support services - anytime, anywhere.



Our CIRT division specializes in providing effective security and protective services to resolve any high-threat security challenge.

SOSG will identify and assess coercive threats and implement proactive measures that will mitigate your risks and losses.



"Tactical Security" is a term that is widely mis-used by security guard companies to try and up-sell security services that are "tactical" and to represent their personnel as "specialized" or "elite".  Unfortunately; there are no regulations that prevent security guard companies from representing themselves as "tactical security" and the fact is that most are just basic security guards who "dress in black and call it tac" which equates to "all show and no go". So we will dispel the myth and provide you with the truth about "tactical security".  


The reality is that "tactical" is a police and military term, also referred to as "ERT" (Emergency Response Team) and "SWAT" (Special Weapons And Tactics).  In order to compete for these units, police and military members who have already undergone a minimum of 6 months of basic training combined with years of proven general duty experience, must compete to become a "tactical" unit member and then undergo extensive, very specialized and rigorous training. These "best of the best" members dedicate hundreds of hours to train for the absolute worst because they are the ones that other police officers and soldiers call upon for help.  There are very few who can make it through elite military and police training to earn the right to be called "tactical" unit members.  


So let's be real here.  What is a tactical security guard other than a regular civilian guard who took a 40 hour online security guard course, dresses in black and carries extra flashlight and handcuff pouches on their uniform? Most security guard companies are owned, managed and staffed by regular civilians who have little to no specialized training, let alone any law enforcement or military "tactical" training or experience. They have never been in a life and death situation, nor have they been dropped into a combat zone or responded to emergencies where they have selflessly risked their own lives in the most dangerous of situations to protect the lives of others. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TACTICAL SECURITY!   

Our company offers specialized security services that are delivered by members of our Critical Incident Response Team.  All CIRT members are highly trained and experienced (Canadian, US or UK) law enforcement officers or combat soldiers who have served in specialized TAC/ERT/SWAT, crowd management/riot, surveillance, intelligence, G summit security, critical infrastructure protection, dignitary protection, recon, sniper or elite special forces units.  Our CIRT provides specialized security services to respond to labour strikes, protests and/or civil unrest;  to protect critical infrastructure and high security facilities and to provide high-profile security support at major events. On rare occasions our military specialists may deploy internationally to provide armed security, maritime security and VIP protection services in high-threat and combat zones. 


CIRT members have crowd management equipment (riot gear), however; it is rarely required and most of our deployments are resolved through officer presence, effective communication and respect.  Despite the extensive specialized experience and training of our CIRT members, we are NOT the police and private security officers do not have the authority or tools to replace the police.  We are the first line of defence and we work closely with our clients, community stakeholders and local law enforcement agencies to support initiatives to keep the peace and restore order. 

Critical Incident Response Specialized Security Services

Special Operations Security Group is a leading provider of professional security, risk management and advisory solutions in Canada.  Our Critical Incident Response Team is comprised of some of the nation's most highly-trained and experienced law enforcement, military, emergency medical and intelligence specialists.

In an ever-changing and volatile global security climate, businesses are faced with security challenges and potential threats to their infrastructure, operations and personnel.  These security threats can negatively impact the daily operations of your business and substantially increase risk levels.   

It is our objective to provide safe and secure environments for our clients, regardless of the size, location or nature of their operations.  We will continuously asses your risks, identify potential threats and offer fluid, effective and reliable security measures to protect your personnel and assets.


Spec Ops Security Critical Incident Response Teams offer high-profile protective services to address all levels of security.  Our CIRT can provide low-key and discreet plainclothes security agents, surveillance operatives, crowd control officers (in protective gear with batons and shields) as well as high-profile uniformed security, canine officers.  We also offer specialist security contractors to provide complete high-threat and conflict zone protection. 




Spec Ops Security provides specialized security and crowd management services in all centres across Canada.  Our CIRT Crowd Management Unit is comprised of experienced military and law enforcement personnel who have specialized tactical and riot response training.

We can be relied upon to keep the peace, protect your interests, property and personnel while demonstrating the integrity, self control and tolerance that is required to maintain a safe and secure environment for everyone involved.

Our crowd management security services are available for labour strikes, protests, energy projects, pipelines, summits, political events, concerts, sporting events and festivals. 



Our risk management and protective security solutions help our clients operate in complex, challenging and high-threat environments.  


Spec Ops Security Specialists have extensive experience and training with law enforcement and/or military specialized units.  


We understand the complexities of operating a business in today's unstable security climate. Our CIRT offers consultancy and comprehensive security solutions that are relevant and adaptive to meet your unique and changing needs.

We recognise the challenges of providing a secure working environment – particularly when a client’s worksites are geographically dispersed.

SOSG can effectively protect pipelines, drill sites, mining operations, factories, energy projects, office buildings and retail operations, as well as railway, trucking and shipping yards.


Spec Ops Security offers immediate security deployment and critical incident response services across Canada to protect your business, project, property, key assets and personnel.

In today’s dynamic security environment, it is critical to have contingencies in place in the event of an act of terrorism, natural disaster, civil unrest, or any other unpredictable crisis. We can respond to major incidents, security threats or emergency situations - anytime - anywhere.


  • Assets, Property & Infrastructure Security.

  • Protective Services for Executives & Staff.

  • Traffic Control & Road Block Services.

  • Emergency Medical & First Aid Services.

  • Residential Community Security & Patrols.

  • Evacuation Services for Staff & Families.

  • Fire Watch & Post Incident Security.

  • Escorts for Transportation of Assets.

  • Emergency Camp/Housing Security.

  • Crowd Control & Anti-Riot/Protest Teams.  



Spec Ops Security utilizes state of the art surveillance equipment to obtain irrefutable evidence and valuable intelligence.  We employ proven law enforcement and military surveillance methods to support investigations, security deployments and VIP protection details. 

We offer surveillance and counter surveillance services anywhere in Canada, or abroad.


  • Criminal, Civil, Insurance and Corporate Investigations and Surveillance 

  • Monitor & Patrol High- Security Facilities.

  • Document Participants in Labour Strikes, Protests, Looting and Riots

  • Provide Over-Watch and Ground Support for Security Operations & VIP Escorts

  • Verify Advance Routes & Obtain Intelligence for Personnel or Equipment Movements

  • Provide Aerial Drone Security Patrols of Energy Projects and Pipelines

  • Provide Counter-Surveillance, Threat Identification & Early Warning Services

Crowd Management
Tactical Security
Emergency Security
Surveillance Ops
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